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Case study, Lars-Inge Canebring


Infobric Equipment for owned and rented machinery & equipment

Any type of construction, civil engineering and management projects require a lot of machinery and tools, and keeping up to date is quickly becoming overwhelming. With our digital platform you can quickly find out where and when your machines and tools are used.

How did your handling of your own equipment work before Infobric Equipment?

Previously, we had a different system for our tools at the company. It felt cumbersome made us not work in it well enough.

Today I can instead solve everything directly on site in the warehouse with my mobile. And if someone calls me and asks for a tool, I can easily see directly in the mobile where the stuff is, so Infobric Equipment makes a hell of a difference for me that way.

How does Infobric Equipment help your business?

I bear the main responsibility for the administrative part of our unit's machines and tools. Today we have entered all our machines and tools in Infobric Equipment, it was easy to inventory everything in the system through the scanning function. Even with new purchases of e.g. screwdrivers & bolt guns, I can quickly and easily load them into the system by pasting on a label, taking a photo of the label and adding.

Today we have a good overview of all our own equipment and can make better decisions linked to needs and purchases.

If something needs to be moved between cars or projects, I am notified and then easily move over it in the system. Should someone forget to notify me, it will later be easy to check who last used the machine and track in that way.

Does Infobric Equipment meet your expectations?

The reason why we started using Infobric Equipment from the beginning was to get a good overview of all our tools & machines in a simple and easy to handle way.

I was clearly pleasantly surprised that it was as good as it is, it saves me time and gives me a fantastic overview.

Would you recommend Infobric Equipment to others?

Yes - I have already acted as a reference for colleagues who are eager to use Infobric Equipment, it's fun that we got to be involved from the beginning and show the way.

Lars-Inge CanebringAssemblin Göteborg