Infobric Equipment is used today in - companies and on - construction and civil engineering contracts - small and large, in Sweden and in Norway. Our customers are private and public Builders, Contractors and Subcontractors who want to simplify the work in everyday life and improve control over the machine park on the projects and in the companies - regardless of which supplier (s) they use or / if they own the machines themselves. The effect is reduced costs, lower CO2 emissions and a better and safer working environment. Infobric Equipment can be used with all suppliers and for self-owned machinery. Read below about customers who have used or are using Infobric Equipment today.

The only thing we regret is that we didn't start using Infobric Equipment earlier

Carl, Logistics Manager, Skanska

Case studies

Marcus AnderssonSerneke

"Infobric Equipment simplifies everyday life. It is an optimal tool for keeping track of equipment and cost monitoring. The biggest advantage is that you have much better control over your costs."

Amanda GustavssonTreano

"The effect of Infobric Equipment has meant a lower cost for our machines (rental cost and reduced purchases) and a higher resource utilization, which is positive for both the economy and the environment!"

Oscar & ChristofferSVEAB

"It's very nice to have everything in one platform - it's easy to plan how long we need the things and when we can send it back. I think that Infobric Equipment is an easy-to-use tool that has lived up to our expectations and is something we save money on using."

Marcus KönigA.Olsson Grund & Betong

"With Infobric Equipment, we've managed to significantly minimize the risk of paying for items that are just lying around and no longer in use, so damn good."

Sebastian & LinusNybyggarn

"It was impossible to keep track of everything in my head. After a break-in, we were able to quickly calculate with the system which machines were missing at the workplace "

Markus RaschkeHENT

“Thanks to the collaboration, we achieved the ambitious goals. We gathered all suppliers in one place and introduced a better way of working with forecast work and cost control ”

Daniel BjörnqvistBravida Malmö

"Infobric Equipment not only helps me as responsible, but also the project managers. They can easily see what they have out in the projects and search their way into the storage to see what is available"

Lars-Inge CanebringAssemblin Göteborg

"We changed our system to Infobric Equipment and were pleasantly surprised that it was as good as it is, it saves time and gives me a clear overview"

Skanska - Get control of tools and machines

Carl Widegren, block manager for logistics, describes how Skanska has managed to avoid the black hole with machines and tools through better control and shortened rental times.

Veidekke - Free up production time and save money

Ola Juhlin Dannfelt, supervisor at Veidekke, describes how Infobric Equipment has managed to lower their costs significantly by getting rid of redundant equipment, precise forecasts, and good statistics on daily costs.

Einar Mattsson - Efficiency in Machine Utilization

Magnus Björk, Head of Logistics Center at Einar Mattson, talks about challenges and solutions for efficient use of machines and tools in everyday life on the building and their internal depot, Logistics Center.

Companies using Infobric Equipment