Case study, Sebastian & Linus


Infobric Equipment for owned and rented machinery & equipment

Any type of construction, civil engineering and management projects require a lot of machinery and tools, and keeping up to date is quickly becoming overwhelming. With our digital platform you can quickly find out where and when your machines and tools are used.

The construction company Nybyggarn AB was founded in 1987 and has grown significantly in recent years. The machine park has also become larger and over time it became increasingly difficult to keep track of the machine park.

In 2019, they joined the company to Infobric Equipment and then discovered how easily they could save both time and money on machinery costs.

- As we grew, it was simply impossible to keep track of everything with the machines in our heads as we did before. Before, we had to call around between the project managers to try to locate the machines, says Sebastian Hollaus, CEO of Nybyggarn AB.

"It was very easy to get started"
The project managers in the company had to undergo a short onboarding to get started quickly with the system. After the training, their previous inventory list was read into the system and the project managers could now easily continue to load the own machines with Infobric Equipment's mobile app.

- It was very simple, with a few prints we see an overview and can locate the machines. The interface is very well designed and easy to understand, says Sebastian.

Has the system solved your previous problems with machine handling?
- Yes, I think so, we now know exactly which machines we own and which are used. The fact that we can see which ones are used in different projects makes it easier for us to see which machines we own too little or too much of. Having too many machines that are only in the warehouse is a waste of capital, so now we can quickly see and take home machines and then take them out to other projects, says Linus Barklund, Project Manager at Nybyggarn AB.

Sustainable construction projects
Thanks to Infobric Equipment, it has become easier for Nybyggarn AB to consider new investments in the machine park while at the same time seeing which machines are more suitable for renting instead of buying.
- In addition to the clear financial benefits, the system has also saved a lot of time for our project management when we have the right machine in the right place, and in this way it becomes more sustainable construction projects, says Linus.

Has Infobric Equipment helped you in a slightly more unexpected way?
- Yes in fact, we had a burglary in a container after the summer and thanks to the system we were able to get an excel file in five minutes of what machines we had at the workplace and then we could quickly count what was stolen, this meant that we did not risk missing stolen goods in our claim against the insurance company, says Sebastian.

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