Case study, Marcus Andersson


Infobric Equipment for owned and rented machinery & equipment

Any type of construction, civil engineering and management projects require a lot of machinery and tools, and keeping up to date is quickly becoming overwhelming. With our digital platform you can quickly find out where and when your machines and tools are used.

Marcus Andersson works as site manager at Serneke's project Stockfallets skola in Karlstad.

What challenges have you had and how does Infobric Equipment help you today?

“A big challenge is the data that comes from the rental companies. It is difficult to keep track of everything we rent when you only have lists with a lot of text to start from. EquipmentLoop shows in black and white what we have for rent and what it costs, we can easily plan how long things will stay and then see what it will cost. It creates transparency for everything and we can easily take a stand in financial decisions and avoid paying unnecessarily.

The fact that we also have the owned equipment in the system means that we get an even better picture of what equipment is on the project.

What are the biggest benefits of using Infobric Equipment?

I think that Infobric Equipment simplifies everyday life. It is an optimal tool for keeping track of equipment and cost monitoring. The biggest advantage is that you have much better control over your costs.

Marcus AnderssonSerneke