Case study, Oscar & Christoffer


Infobric Equipment for owned and rented machinery & equipment

Any type of construction, civil engineering and management projects require a lot of machinery and tools, and keeping up to date is quickly becoming overwhelming. With our digital platform you can quickly find out where and when your machines and tools are used.

How has Infobric Equipment worked for you?

Oscar Kruus, Site Manager

Despite the fact that a large part of our machine and equipment park is planned to remain on the project for a long time, I think that Infobric Equipment has worked very well for us. It is very nice to have everything gathered - it will be easy to plan how long we need the things and when we can send it back.

Infobric Equipment also makes it possible to involve the professionals in everything that is for rent, it increases cost awareness and that they can notify the system when something is ready and can be sent back.

In a project with greater turnover on machines, it should give an even greater effect!

Christoffer Aldenrud, Supervisor

I think that Infobric Equipment is an easy-to-use tool that has lived up to our expectations and is something we save money on using. By setting planned return dates on the machines, we receive notices when it is time to send them back. We have also been able to easily check our costs and follow up to see if everything is correct.

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