Case study, Amanda Gustavsson


Infobric Equipment for owned and rented machinery & equipment

Any type of construction, civil engineering and management projects require a lot of machinery and tools, and keeping up to date is quickly becoming overwhelming. With our digital platform you can quickly find out where and when your machines and tools are used.

What challenges did you have before Infobric Equipment?

Before Infobric Equipment, we lacked a structured approach to our rented and owned equipment. That meant a reactive approach with a lack of control over what we had on rent in each project and what could be returned. We often started from the invoices and made point efforts to reconcile the holding, which resulted in many unnecessary rental costs.

For our owned machine park, it looked in many ways very similar. We bought a lot of equipment but lacked follow-up about who had what and where it was used. This meant that we did not use each other's boxing equipment, which was thus not used very efficiently.

At the end of the day, our reactive approach cost a lot of money in terms of unnecessarily long rents and equipment that disappeared.

How do you work today, with Infobric Equipment?

Since 2019, we have used Infobric Equipment to handle both our leased equipment from our framework agreement suppliers and our owned machine park. With the help of Infobric Equipment, we have gained a cost awareness and control for our leased holdings, which means that we always know what the project costs and what it is estimated to be in total. At the end of the project, we can easily ensure that everything is returned, even though we are no longer physically active in the workplace!

We have also gained the use of our own machine park where everyone has access to our common pool of machines and easily borrows from each other. Previously, we called around and looked, or rented even though we already had the machine available.

The effect of Infobric Equipment has meant a lower cost for our machines (rental cost and reduced purchases) and a higher resource utilization, which is positive for both the economy and the environment!

What's particularly good about Infobric Equipment?

It is easy to handle and simple in a positive way. Very easy to get started and use simply! Then I also want to highlight your sensitivity and speed around improvement proposals. It's really fun with a service that is constantly evolving!

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